Organizing Committees

Organising Commitee ISSHP        
Dr M.M. Faas, University Medical Centre Groningen 
Marijke Faas is head of the researchgroup "Immunoendocrinology” of the Department of Pathology and Medical Biology of the UMCG. Her research interest is reproductive immunology. She studies how the maternal local and peripheral immune responses adapt to pregnancy and which pregnancy factors induce these adaptations in both human and animal models. Moreover, an important focus in this research line is how maladaptations of the immune response or activation of the immune response influence pregnancy and induce pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia.
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Prof Dr Arie Franx, University Medical Centre Utrecht
Arie Franx trained at the Free University in Amsterdam, the University Medical Centre Utrecht, INSEAD and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is a full professor of Obstetrics and chair of the division Woman and Baby in the University Medical Centre Utrecht. Research interests include hypertensive and other pregnancy disorders and their relationship to lifelong health, diabetes in pregnancy, perinatal brain health, global obstetrics and organization and quality of health care. He supervised 32 PhD students. He coauthored several Dutch guidelines, several book chapters, a textbook on the management of labour and over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers.
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Prof Dr E.A.P Steegers,Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam
Eric Steegers is head of the department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. His research interests relate to the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease paradigm involving the complex pathophysiology of cardiovascular and placental related adverse first trimester outcomes and the consequences for fetal and maternal health, including preeclampsia, and disease in later life. This work is largely embedded in the Generation R study, a population-based prospective cohort study among 10,000 pregnant women and their children and the Rotterdam Predict Study, an ongoing hospital based periconception cohort study and tissue-specific epigenetic studies. New knowledge from translational research in these areas is being disseminated and translated in national preconception and early pregnancy programs for improved risk selection with a special emphasis on socially deprived reproductive target groups
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Prof Dr J.A.M. van der Post, Amsterdam Medical Centre
Joris van der Post is head of department obstetrics and gynaecology in the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam and full professor in obstetrics, in particular hypertensive pregnancy disorders’ since 2006. He has been involved in clinical evaluation studies since 2003 ( His main interest is preterm labour, preeclampsia and mechanism of placental disease. Mouse models of various placental pathology are developed in our institute.  Tissue samples are coupled to clinical data collected within trials (see below) and hospital care. Studies on malnutrition during pregnancy in situations like Ramadan or hyperemesis continue to be  studied for their effect on perinatal long term outcome. The randomised controlled intervention trials of the Dutch obstetrical consortium continue for the coming years. 
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Dr M.G. van Pampus, OLVG, Amsterdam 
Mariëlle van Pampus worked as a resident gynecologist at The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and attained her PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 1999 on the The Hellp Syndrome. She is currently employed by OLVG in Amsterdam, specializing in maternal diseases in obstetrics, including hypertensive disorders, psychosomatic, social and psychiatric problems. Her research focuses on hypertensive disorders in pregnant women in addition to psychotrauma research in patients, partners and caregivers. She founded and chairs the Capture group, Childbirth and Psychotrauma Research group, In 2016 she started the Committee Colleague Support of the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (NVOG). She was president of the quality committee of the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a member of several committees related to her profession.
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Organising committee ISOM/MOMS    
Dr Willy Visser, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Willy Visser is a Physician, specialized in Obstetric and Vascular medicine. She works  as an Obstetric Physician at  the Obstetric department of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. She is the only Obstetric Physician in the Netherlands. She teaches obstetric medicine and  is involved in  the management of maternal diseases during pregnancy particularly hypertensive disorders, thyroid diseases and diabetes. She has an active  clinical role in managing high risk obstetric patients. Her PhD thesis was about Hemodynamic studies in preeclampsia with the use of the Swan Ganz catheter: implications for management.  At present her main research topics are the role of biomarkers in the management of preeclampsia, the role of TSH-receptor antibodies in the prediction of fetal and neonatal Graves in pregnant women  with Graves’ disease, gestational diabetes and acute  fatty liver of pregnancy. For many years she was a member of the Dutch maternal deaths enquiry and  is the Dutch representative of the International Board of the ISSHP.  She was involved in the establishment of ISOM and member of the executive committee from 2002-2006. 
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Dr Kenneth K. Chen, MD FRACP, Brown University, USA
Kenneth K. Chen, MD FRACP, has been the director of the Division of Obstetric and Consultative Medicine and co-director of the Integrated Program for High Risk Pregnancy at Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, USA since January 2012.  Dr. Chen completed dual fellowships in endocrinology at The Prince of Wales Hospital, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; and in obstetric and consultative medicine at Women & Infants Hospital, Brown University, USA.  Dr. Chen is currently an assistant professor of medicine and assistant professor of obstetrics & gynecology at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.  He is a recipient of multiple Dean's Excellence in Teaching awards as well as the Beckwith Family Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2017.
His clinical interests include medical disorders in pregnancy with a special expertise in diabetes, obesity and endocrine disorders in pregnancy.  He has special interests in the use of insulin pumps in pregnancy; polycystic ovarian syndrome and endocrine causes of infertility; and pre-conception counseling for women with chronic medical conditions.  He is the co-director of the Obesity in Pregnancy service at WIH which was the first of its kind set up in North America back in 2012.  He is currently also the fellowship director of his program.  
He was the co-scientific director of the 7th International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM) Scientific Meeting which was held at New Orleans in October 2014.  He was elected as a member of ISOM's executive committee during this conference.  He was also on the organizing committee of the 8th ISOM Scientific Meeting which was held at Cape Town in March 2017.  He will become the Acting President of ISOM in October 2018.  
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Dr Matthew Coleman MD FRCOG MRCP 
Matthew Coleman is a consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in obstetrics and maternal–fetal medicine at Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust in the south of England, where he has worked as a consultant since 2000. He studied medicine at Liverpool University and then travelled the UK gaining experience in general medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology. Perhaps unusually for an obstetrician he holds both MRCP and FRCOG. He has also studied obstetrics with maternal medicine in Auckland New Zealand, where he completed his MD thesis.
Matthew Coleman is the current president of the UK MacDonald Obstetric Medicine Society. 
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Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy MA FRCP FRCOG
Catherine Nelson-Piercy is a Consultant Obstetric Physician at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals Trust and Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London. In 2010 she was awarded the title of Professor of Obstetric Medicine at King’s College London. Her undergraduate studies were at King’s College, Cambridge University and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. She trained as a physician, and was taught Obstetric Medicine by Professor Michael de Swiet. 
Professor Nelson-Piercy is the immediate past President of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM). She is founding co-editor in chief of the journal ‘Obstetric Medicine: the medicine of pregnancy.’ 
Professor Nelson-Piercy has been involved in the development of several evidence-based National Guidelines notably for "Contraception in Women with Heart Disease”, BTS / SIGN "Asthma in Pregnancy” and RCOG Green top guidelines on "Reducing the risk of thromboembolism during pregnancy, birth & the puerperium” and ‘Management of nausea vomiting of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum”. She has over 200 publications and has edited five books and written the successful Handbook of Obstetric Medicine, now in its fifth edition. She is also one of the central physician assessors for the UK Confidential maternal deaths enquiry.
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Groningen Congres Bureau (GCB)  
The GCB promotes the City of Groningen and the region of the same name as the ideal destination for conventions and meetings. Furthermore the GCB offers advice and support in the organisation of conventions and other meetings. As a non-profit organisation the GCB operates independent of companies and locations. Supported by local- and regional governments, the educational institutions and the business world in the Northern part of The Netherlands, the GCB is the first point of contact for every convention organiser. 
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